An Audience with the Emperor

The chance to see Emperor Penguins in the wild is a rare, privileged and unmissable opportunity. You need an icebreaker, helicopters and a focussed team - and the only 2 icebreakers currently fitted out for passengers are normally in high demand in the Arctic. But these extraordinary and fascinating birds make the time, effort and cost worthwhile. 

They have such a unique existence, display such character and enchanting behaviour, and show such curiosity and interest in us, as their only bipedal companions, that our few hours with them, will remain floating in the memory as a sublime and dreamlike time. 

With quite a few photos from 4 days spent in their presence, it seemed worth putting a commemorative book together using photos from Lisa and myself. 

Tracking Lions, Chasing Light

After 5 years of African photo safaris, it seemed a good moment to gather some wildlife shots together into a book. And as a reminder of the most amazing wildlife encounters so far, I have gathered together the photos telling the story of these occasions with some narrative to explain what happened. Linked to these moments, are a few comments and thoughts about wildlife photography, and what's involved. Hopefully it gives an idea of what happens on these trips, and helps out a bit if you're about to head off for the first time. All 160 pages are available here to look at online, via the PhotoBox website - just click on the image on the right. Buying a hardcopy is possible but quite expensive! Best to wait for a special offer from Photobox when the price is reduced by 60-80%.  Please let me know if you want help getting a copy (

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