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About Mike Parker

Mike Parker has been taking photos for longer than he cares to remember. Initially just recording his travels, the obsession gradually took hold to try and capture scenes and moments as perfectly as possible. After courses to gain his LRPS and learn the broader skills required for different disciplines within photography, he returned to travel  and widened his focus to embrace wildlife, coinciding with many trips to Africa in the early 2010s. 

His photos are mostly driven by the desire to portray the beauty and majesty of the natural world, and trips to remote corners of the globe initiated a collection of images to celebrate the places where man has little influence, hence "Not Man's Land". Given the world's concern over climate change, biodiversity and conservation of the natural world, this seems more relevant than ever.

While searching for the minimalist, cleanest perspective, he at the same time tries to include as many elements of the scene and circumstance as possible to enhance the beauty of the image, with the intention that it portrays as much as possible of the atmosphere and impression that was apparent on location at that moment.

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